Our Story

Farmers Best Popcorn featured in December issue of Top Producer Magazine

In the late 1800’s our family settled in Calhoun County, Iowa, because of the fertile black soil.  This soil is considered “Iowa’s black gold,” and today is still thought to be the most fruitful soil in the world.

In the 1940’s and 1950’s, Tom’s grandfather started a feed company for livestock and named it “Farmers Best.”  Although our family no longer has a feed business or any livestock, the same tradition of high quality continues on our family farm today with our popcorn, conventional corn, and soybeans.

Farmer’s Best Livestock Feed Bag

Our family has tried many different hybrids throughout the years, always growing and sampling the different kinds of popcorn to ensure we are growing and selling a product that undoubtedly lives up to the name we’ve given it, Farmers Best.

The girls telling Tom how the planting depth is looking… “not too deep, not too shallow- looking good!”

We truly feel we have the best tasting and highest quality product on the market.  Our flavorful, white popcorn is known for its thin hull, allowing the popcorn to pop easier and get stuck in your teeth less!

Give our premium white popcorn a try and be sure to give us your feedback.