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4 Responses to “Contact Us”

  • Vicki Faran

    Hi I have tried every email address I have for you and they all came back. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. Decided to do this instead of cards this year.

    Was fun to see Farmers Best Popcorn on TV.
    Hope the H&G Show was good for you.

  • Ann

    Came across your popcorn @ the local Fareway grocery store. Selected it because it was the ONLY “NON GMO”…hope you continue this. It pops great on the stove top (gas burner on low) with some virgin coconut oil. I was excited to see this product was grown in my home state and from the rich ground around the town I grew up in (Fort Dodge). Keep up the great work!

  • Judy Zwemke

    We bought some of your non GMO popcorn while visiting in Iowa. I would like white non GMO popcorn in bulk.
    Do you ship it? What would the price be? Thanks so much. judy

  • Steve Frank

    We tried your popcorn at Fareway in Storm Lake. We are popcorn nuts here……and don’t like the microwave but do like to make it on the stove…..using low heat after warming it up making the popcorn very soft to eat……just the best we have found. I get to Rockwell City often…..can I buy bigger amounts from you folks if I get that way? do you have 5 pound bags or bring my bucket and weight it out???

    Steve Frank, Storm Lake