Farmers Best Popcorn

3 Pound Bag (Includes Shipping)

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Our 3 Pound Bags are perfect for sampling AND make GREAT gifts!

Customer Reviews

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Richard Schwartz
The Absolute Best Tasting Popcorn!

Not only is Farmer’s Best the most delicious popcorn, but they provided excellent service and delivered the popcorn just a few days after I ordered it.

Lynn Edler
Best Popcorn Ever

I’m a popcorn snob and decided in 2013 I was done buying the brand name stuff in my south Texas stores. I went home to Iowa for the summer and bought every local brand I could find at HyVee. I tested them all and solidly decided on Farmers Best. My internet records tell me I go through about 6-12 pounds of popcorn a year. The price is right! Shipping is fast! And the popcorn is delicious with almost no unpopped kernels!! As long as they will sell it to me, I will be loyal to Farmers Best for the rest of my life.

Janice Thomas
Best Popcorn

Farmer's Best Popcorn is the best popcorn. Very fast shipping, great price, very few hulls, very few old maids. Love it.

Popcorn lover

I really like Farmers Best Popcorn. We used to get it in Missouri at Hyvee. We have moved to Florida and they have no Hyvee stores. So was very happy to find it online!

Kristi Ficker
Farmers Best Popcorn

The Farmers Best Popcorn is really … THE BEST! I live in Colorado now but grew up in the Midwest. I can’t go back to the store-bought popcorn I get out here. I am now a loyal fan of Farmers Best popcorn!!!